Hayden Panettiere Has Gone Country

Hollywood starlet Hayden Panettiere has gone from superhero cheerleader to country music singer, with the southern accent to match.

Hayden Panettiere quite possibly became the coolest high school cheerleader ever when she played one that had superpowers in the show “Heroes”. Fast forward through a few not so successful forays into feature films, including the cringe worthy “I love you Beth Cooper”, and Hayden has found herself in the spotlight again.

Hayden Panettiere stars in the new show “Nashville” on ABC as a young, up and coming country music star that is living a life filled with parody; personal, professional, and spiritual.

She brings toughness to the roll that is in tune with her real life, illustrated by her dating men who participate in full contact sports. Dudes like heavyweight boxing champion WladimirKlitschko aka Vladimir or “Vlad The Impaler”, and, more recently, New York Jets Wide Receiver Scotty McKnight.

But that’s enough of that; now enjoy these pictures of the wonderful Ms. Panettiere.

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