Jessica Biel is Off the Market

From basketball playing tomboy to the curves that brought sexy back, we examine the career trajectory of one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, and, until recently, most eligible bachelorettes: Jessica Biel.

If you’re an 80’s baby, growing up in the United States, chances are you were introduced to Jessica Biel when she was a member of the Camden family on 7th Heaven. Maybe back then before she had grown into her sexuality and her curves, you were intrigued by the basketball playing, pious young lady who played both good older and younger sister in what seemed to be the most frustratingly cookie cutter family ever to be on TV.

Then you might have been lucky enough to keep up with media fallout that followed after Jessica Biel was bitten by the rebellion bug and posed nude at the age of 17 (Which she later said she regretted).

Then came Jessica Biel’s foray into film, with nail bighting thrillers like The Illusionist, and blockbuster comedies like Adam Sandler’s I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (who can forget that scene coming in from the rain?).

Her acting chops aside, we can’t help but notice Jessica Biel owed at least a fraction of her success to winning the genetic lottery, and embodying pretty much every aspect of the perfect female physical form.

And now that Jessica Biel is off the market and married to one of cooler dudes in Hollywood, regardless of his boy band past, we here at Product-Boy thought it appropriate to homage to the perfection that is Jessica Biel.


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