The Deception of Time and how Travel into the Future is Possible

Conventional thought teaches one to measure time with an analog or digital device ticking at a constant interval that corresponds with the earth’s rotation around its axis. However, by failing to address the reality of time, it is generally accepted that the intervals by which time ticks on earth is absolute throughout the universe. In other words, it is often accepted that time passes one second at a time uniformly throughout the universe. To clarify a bit more, it is widely believed that all regions of the universe age simultaneously; that in 10-minutes, 10-minutes would have passed everywhere in the universe. This belief is inaccurate. The universe does not age uniformly. What’s even more fascinating is that different regions on earth age at a different pace. Believe it or not, but our hands tend to age quicker than our heads.

The illusory concept of time is somewhat difficult for most to grasp and I’m going to do my best to simplify this concept and make an attempt to challenge your view on time and the possibility for time travel.

Albert Einstein had theorized long ago that time is a strange epiphenomenon of space. With his theoretical calculations he had postulated that the passage of time of any given object progresses at a different rate in relation to another object, depending on the mass (which determines the gravitational force) and velocity of said object. Then, experiments from the 1960’s and 70’s demonstrated that time does NOT move forward uniformly at the same rate throughout the universe. To put it in laymen’s terms; time moves slower in some regions of the universe and faster in other regions. For example, if two people with a stopwatch were placed at different regions of the universe where the passage of time differed, their stopwatches would display different numbers upon returning back to earth. Once beamed back, one watch would show that only a few seconds had passed while the other watch would show that several hours had passed. But, keep in mind that they were both beamed to these distant regions of space at the same moment and brought back at the same moment.

While this sounds crazy and utterly ridiculous, it is this very phenomenon that makes time travel, especially into the future, a reality.

In the early 1900’s, Albert Einstein’s work on gravitational time dilation demonstrated on paper with complex theoretical calculations that time moves slower in stronger gravitational fields in relation to weaker gravitational fields. Since the force of gravity increases as one gets closer to the center of a star or planet, time, consequentially, passes at a slower rate.

Stephen Hawking had illustrated in his book, The Universe in a Nutshell, that the several seconds it would take to smash into the surface of a black hole, if one was to be captured by its gravitational pull, millions of years would pass for the rest of the universe. Black holes are the most massive objects in the known universe and their gravitational pull is so strong that not even light can escape. In a hypothetical situation, if one could stand on the surface of a black hole for only one second and immediately return to earth, only one second will have passed for that individual while millions of years will have passed for everything and everyone else on earth! And, by doing so, this person will have traveled into the future!

Although this sounds to be nothing more than science fiction, it was proven in the 1960’s that time indeed moves slower at close proximity to massive objects, such as the center of the earth, sun, or black hole. This incredible study demonstrated that time passes at different rates on earth! It was mind boggling to find that people at higher altitudes, further away from the earth’s center of gravity, aged quicker because time moved faster than someone living below sea level. In the study, one atomic clock (an extremely accurate clock that can measure billionths of a second) was placed in a deep well while another atomic clock was placed at the top of the well. Scientists found that the atomic clock at the bottom of the well had fallen behind by a fraction of a second; hence time had passed at a slower pace. With other studies verifying the data, it was concluded that the closer one is to the earth’s center of gravity (at a lower elevation), the slower time moves for them. Although the differences are so minute that it won’t amount to anything noticeable within our lifetimes, it is nevertheless measurable and imperative to acknowledge as a reality.

Another study demonstrated that time can also be slowed down by moving at a very fast speed, providing strong evidence for Einstein’s theory of relativity. Utilizing two atomic clocks, scientists in 1971 sent one flying around the world in a jet at 600 mph while the other stayed stationary in the lab. Both clocks were synchronized at the start of the experiment, but once the jet had landed, the clock on board had fallen behind by a few billionths of a second. Other studies verified this phenomenon and concluded that fast moving objects can slow down time for everyone on board.

Imagine for a moment, if a rocket sent a group of people traveling around the earth near light-speed for a few hours, they would return to find that several days or weeks had passed on earth. Although they would have been on the space ship for several hours, their increased velocity, and consequentially increased mass would warp the time-space continuum and alter their progression of time in relation to the rest of the world, in effect, causing time to move slower for them while it moved faster for everyone else on earth.

What makes this concept of time travel into the future so confusing is that things don’t move in slow-motion when time is slowed down. Instead, we will always age at the same pace and one second will always be one second. Only the compared difference of two observers at different velocities or gravities can be observed. The rate at which an observer was to experience the progression of time anywhere in the universe would always feel the same for the observer, regardless of how fast or slow time was moving; a second is a second no matter where you are. The observers on the spaceship from the example above would notice their clocks ticking at the same pace they’ve always been ticking and would not feel as though time was moving very slow for them. Instead, it would seem as if everything on earth was moving very fast. Only upon arrival and comparison with time on earth would they be able to notice that time had indeed moved considerably slower for them.

Thoughts to Consider:

Although time travel into the future is real and has been demonstrated by various research organizations, we unfortunately, cannot escape the effects of time on the body. Since a person’s experiencing of time would always be the same in any time field, in other words, a person’s wrist watch would measure time at the same consistent interval regardless of how fast or slow time was progressing in relation to an outside observer, their body would age at the same pace as it would here on earth.

It’s amazing that one can never escape time’s crippling effects on the body. We can warp and manipulate our experiencing of time in relation to the environment around us by moving years into the future while only aging several days, but we cannot slow our internal aging processes. Even if we moved to a planet with a massive gravitational force in which time was moving slower than on earth, we’d die thousands of years later then our earthling peers but we’d still be alive for only about 75-100 years.

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  1. Pete says:

    I applaud your intention of trying to share the wonders of how the universe really works with others, but I think you are incorrect on a few points. First, the term “time travel” is often confused with relativistic time dilation. When moving very fast, or in the presence of a stronger gravitational field, time for that person SLOWS, but they never leave the universal “now”. They don’t “travel” forward in time. At any point they can still interact with others. They simply experience fewer seconds than those not under those conditions. In fact, we are ALL simultaneously experiencing time dilation to a small degree as the gravitational fields around us are never completely uniform. (Some of us are ourselves heavier!) By the same argument, your feet age slightly slower than your head! The effect is always there, but it isn’t detectable by human senses until the differences in velocities or fields are extreme.

    Your aging comments in the second to last paragraph are especially confusing and should be clarified. The number of seconds you experience reflects the physical aging of your body at all times. There is no difference between how we experience time and how chemical reactions occur. I think you wanted to say that even though time is relative, it does not allow one to experience a longer effective lifetime.

    1. Product-Boy says:

      Pete, thank you for your response. First off, you are right, what I meant to state in the second to last paragraph was exactly what you said, “that even though time is relative, it does not allow one to experience a longer effective lifetime.”

      Second, if one was to travel at an extremely fast velocity for an extended period of time then come back to earth, that individual would have aged less and experienced less time than the people on earth, which have aged more and have experienced a longer duration of time. His one year stay on the space craft traveling near light-speed will turn out to be 100 years for the people of earth (obviously I haven’t done any calculations to find how much slower time would really be in relation to earth), and he would effectively have “traveled into the future”. While they never escaped the universal “now”, they were able to leave earth for one year but come back and find that 100 years have passed. Thus, the laws of relativistic time dilation in this example allow one to “travel into the future”.

      Third, in regards to our bodily components experiencing time dilation in varying degrees since the gravitational field around us is never uniform was a great notion to bring up! And that is a bit of a trip to consider, that not only is there NOT a universal master clock keeping time, but that our body’s experiencing of time is not uniform! The head ages slower than the hand. 🙂

  2. Geza Zake says:

    Author: Geza Zake

    Time is a mystery. There are many different theories that contain different concepts of time such as mathematics, earth, sun, clock, simultaneously, the local, physical, psychological, nuclear, biological, theological, sacred, profane, wave, spiral, quantum, polar time …
    People’s most famous is clock time which tell our watches: seconds, minutes, hours, days, years …
    It is our subjective movement from point A to point B on earth, walking, jogging, horseback riding, flaing …. Therefore, only the movement implies our subjective notion of time.
    The earth rotates around its axis around the sun, the Sun turns around the center of the galaxy, and thus the speed of a reference to a unit of time, seconds, minutes, hours, years …. For us humans the reference unit of time is the Earth spins on its axis, a reference one day, which is divided into 24 units – hours, 60 minutes to an hour, a minute into 60 seconds…… In our perception of it is still linear time, although we have circular, wave, spiral and sinusoidal time. This time never is linear, or direction.
    Clock time on the Earth’s poles is Zero, there is a minimum and a maximum at the equator – one day: 0 – 24 ours.

    Time of day and night is to each other invert, such as female – male is invert to each other, or as left and right hands to each other invert.Time is chiral as time past and time future. The past is the realized future, and vice versa, the future is just past.
    Until the time of the day moving from the beginning to the end of the day, in the same time a night simultaneously moving from the beginning of the night to the end of night.

    Time is associated with polar being, and has its beginning, its Origin and its end, as well as polar being has a beginning and an end, as day and night have a beginning and end. These are the wave and oscillatory movements that permeate the micro – macro universe and our world. Only a day and night, or female and male, or all of the polar beings are connected with its Origin that is source of their longevity, immortality and eternity. It is our experience from the thousands of Earth years from the very beginning until today!

    If a man is 50 years old, he saying that he was born 50 years ago and duration are designated as the past. This nicely shows that the past was the future, ie, that between past and future, there is no difference. During those 50 years is not a linear line as 50 m or 50 km, but that is 50 revolutions of the earth around the sun, which is the unit for the year. There is already clear, we can see what whatever occurs, occurs in the future time, rather than in the past that how we have traditionally assured.

    We are convinced that the earth was created before about 4 billion years, the Sun before 5, and the universe before 14-15 bilions of years, always in the past.
    Arrow of time in the figure shows our belief from the Big Bang to the present, when we think of the past. Front straight arrow of time is a question mark “ ? “. How far and where the arrow of time goes? In parallel with the life experience on Earth, they would say, leads to death of the Universe.

    However, the arrow of time of life on Earth leads to a renewal of life. A new life always emerges as a new beginning, a new Origin of life, which is occurring somewhere in the future on an arrow of time. That always happens when there is an inflection point, the union of two polar beings. So, here it says the same thing! Beginning or Origin of the nonlinear polar beings, always is occurs in future time. It is knowledge par exelans anticipates only in theology as idea that God occurs at the beginning and the end, what is means that God will occur in future time. Here it says the same as the scientific discourse. The origin of the universe must occur in future time. We are moving towards the future and such Origin of the Universe including everything and global Life and our Life.

    We have two different times as a shared past and the future by a mobile PRESENT. The present is always moving toward its beginning, but not backward, and not to end as traditionally thought. If not so, all existence, and so the Universe would be finite. If beginning do not start in the future time all of existence would not be possible.

    Our great mistake is our belief that the past is for us something really, while the future for us is something imaginary, non-existent, elusive and highly uncertain.

    One says about the arrow of time:
    „ The Arrow of Time is our experience time is observed to always flow inexorably only from past to present to future in real life is known as ” time’s arrow.” ( See Richard Morris, Time’s Arrows: Scientific Attitudes Toward Time, Simon and Shuster,1985). The Psychological Arrow is our subjective sense of time, the fact that we remember events in one direction of time, but not the other. The Cosmological Arrow of time sees the history of the universe moving forward in time in an irreversible manner. Time’s Arrow is an important but mysterious property of the world we live in. „
    As we see time is the mysterious, because we are all hardlly assured and confident that everything that exists has existed in the past time without any idea that all you really believe in the past resulted in the future. The fallacy of time it is obvious!
    For us it seems impossible, stupid, illogical experiences that time begins in the future, but not in the past, and in fact that it is a great truth!
    THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE BEGINS IN THE FUTURE TIME! If not Universe would not be exist. EXISTENCE IS IMPOSSIBLE IF NOT BEGINS IN THE FUTURE TIME! That is the great discovery for 21th sencery and forward.

    If you asked your parents when you were conceived, when you were born, they have to answer: MAY SON WAS CONCEIVED AND BORN IN OUR FUTURE TIME, NOT IN THE OUR PAST TIME !
    Thus, in the same way, resulting beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    Always begins in the future time!
    Germination,flowering, fruit appearance, always occurs in future time!
    Everything is always created in the future time, rather than in the past time .
    Each of our thought, intention or action occurs in the future time, not in the past time.
    There is the idea of cyclical, rhythmic, oscillatory Universe, is moving toward its Origin ( beginning ) , not to an end. This practically means that the life of people and mankind closer to beginning of the universe at the same speed with which the receding. This knowledge allows us in the knowledge what is the Origin of the Universe, what is content of the Origin and when it occurs.
    Beginning, the Origin of anything, and so the Universe can not be know by asking in the past, because it Origin is gone forever, like it gone in our personal goal. The Origin is always within being, within us, so the Origin of the Universe is always in th Universe, but not after or before the universe. The Origin always occurs in the evolutionary maximum of the being, so in the evolutionary maximum of the Universe.
    Old time always disappears, and the new formed, just as the disappearance of the old days , and created a new day, just as the old man disappears, and the created new man. Thus, disappearance of the old universe and created a new one is a wave quantum phenomena. .
    The Origin for everything and so the Universe we know then if we do, and when we appear in the future. In this way we have approached the theological conception of time which runs from God to God, I would say when time runs from the Origin to Origin , from past time to the future time. Such Origin, or divine time is simultaneous time, time without a past and future. This is the PRESENT time which is permanently osilating the back and forth to the immanent Origin.
    To be convinced of what I write here have the arrows at the beginning of time on the picture and ask yourself: When arise Universe particles, galaxies, stars, planets, chemistry, life, man? What is your response? Must be in the future!

    In relation to the beginning of the Universe, in relation to the origin of time is all about what you’re wondering, what you think or says was built in FUTURE TIME, not just in the past. In other words, you and every other man was created, was born and lives in the FUTURE of time, rather than in the past time, as we confident? That is the big DECEPTION OF TIME

    DECEPTION OF TIME is an illusion, a completely wrong perception of time that it ” flows ” just from the past towards the future, when it is the fact that the present is the beginnings, or Origins of the future.
    In other words, as long as we move away from the beginning of time to the past we at the same time is approaching the future time, until up to the emergence of a new Origin. This is particularly well expressed in the biology of the world, in our life. We live in the belief that we move away from the moment of our creation in the Universe of our mother, and did not even crossed our mind that at the time of our life takes place reverse process of rejuvenation, which is called hereditary cells.

    The process begins with formation of the embryo and fetus of the new man and new life times. It’s just the facts, such as the fact that each new day begins in the morning as the Origin of day. If we begin to study the border of day and night, night and day, we will soon find that they has the same united micro entities, half day and half night as morning and evening mutually reverse. The same we can see in the biology as a contents of two firsts cells of male or female.
    Knowing that between past and future is the complete polar identity, ie, that the past was only the future, bringing the implication these findings that the past and the future is polar inverse. The Past is moving towards its evolutionary maximum in the future according to their evolutionary minimum which is a new Orgin of the new being and new time belong to the being.

    As is known, physicists the mystery of time tried to solve with paradigm of the fourth dimension space and time where time is fourth dimension of 3D euclidian space. In this way time and space become relative to the great confusion in the minds of people. Here is two:

    Since one of two twins travels at high speed through the galaxy.After returning to Earth establishes that his brother has aged a lot older than him. If twins are moving the same speed no differences in age.

    This ” aging ” indicates that the traditional story of the times is not complete because we have HEAT aging phenomenon, which reads as follows: Two twin tadpole, one is in warm, and the other in cold water.
    And lo and behold!?
    The one in hot water soon becomes frogs, while the other in cool water is still Tadpole. Tadpole with warm water is already an old and time is “short”, while another youngster in cold water is yang and time is long.

    Time for two Tadpole is not the same. In cold water time is slower while in the hot water time is faster. The implications of these facts are very high! One is the notion that time is not linear.
    The implications of these facts are very high! One is the notion that the time is quantum and nonlinear wave polar phenomenon. To live in a quantum wave polar time shows our lives, which is only apparently continuous, because we are divided on the time during wakefulness and sleep – consciousness. While we sleep we has no idea about any kind of time. Only when we wake up, and this is the wavelength of quantum awakening, only then we becoming aware of the time. In fact this is the notion of semi-life, or the notion of half – time. Also doing a big mistake when we say that the fetus develops nine months of man, and we have no idea what time the fetus is experiencing, that absolutely no clue about our hour of time. Yes, there is something wrong proves the fact that we do not take nine months of our fetus development in our lives, so we’re all for 9 months shorter than they actually are. This points is another great trick of time that gives us a false time of our own age, leaving out the time of development while we were fetus.

    So it is the same for the Universe.

    Those readers who notice DECEPTION OF TIME through their own thinking about ” secret of time ” should continue to reflect and contribute to the sooner and the better understand that our Origin coming to meet us in love .

    Be sure for all what I said here I must mentioned the Möbius strips
    with the mouse moving, as shown in Figure below.

    Here we see that the mouse moving forward with the illusion that only move forward, not backward, as illustrated by excellent graphic Esher. Each mouse has its own clock that is radically changing on the polarity of strips , as we have the radical changes of time on the Earth’s poles. Time of day turns into a time of year, and rotary.
    Each mouse, or a man who is convinced that he is constantly moving forward and not aware, that in same time moving backwards, like mouse in Fig.


    1. Product-Boy says:


      Sorry for the very VERY late response and approval of your comment. I liked some of the comments you made, but I had a hard time understanding your notion that the past is the future. Do you mean that the past was ONCE the future?

      Where you do live on this earth?

  3. Geza Zake says:

    If you need to attach two pictures that are lacking in the text, please tell where and how to send them. Also, I please the moderator if something is unclear contact me directly to my e – mail for clarification. I want to emphasize that the findings of refilling time from the future into past and realizing that the beginning of the universe and everything in the universe is in the future, not in the past, as tradition teaches us, is the result of years of study and research on the phenomenon of time at both the micro and macro levels of the world. I would like to keep my comments on your site and calling for debate and discussion on the exposed completely new interpretation of nonlinear time compared to a known linear interpretation from beginning to the end.

    Merry Christmas everybody

    1. Product-Boy says:

      Geza, send your images to and tell me exactly where in your previous comment you’d like me to place them.

      1. Geza Zake says:

        I’m very sorry that I answer after more than a year. I did not know about your website. If it’s not too late here’s my answer:

        According to my research and observations to understand what I am writing receptor must go back to the point of conception, ie to the point of union of egg and sperm of their parents and ask them when you are become the fetus, and when were you born? In the past or future time in relation to parents ? Obviously would have to be all that every man is conceived and born in a future time of their parents. From the moment a person is born subjective time is the illusion that they are moving towards a future time, to death. Such a perception omits the fact that while everything is moving towards a new starting point, the same one that was in the past occurs. This is perfectly clear that everything must start in the future time , not the past, because it’s not that nothing could exist without renewal. All would have thought about his start and his rebuke, and it simply is not so, that’s not true. This is what is written here can be applied to anything else. You can check for yourself.

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