Select Population of Females turn into Males during Puberty, Growing Male Genitalia

In the Dominican Republic and Papua New Guinea, relatively large populations of female children became males within a few months of reaching puberty. Little girls become little boys in a phenomenal transformation.

By natural default, every human is programmed to look like a woman, with breasts and a vagina. The ‘Y’ chromosome and various important hormones and enzymes are what program the development of the male genitalia and ensure that a male fetus is developed into a male child.

In 1971, one happily married couple in the Dominican Republic experienced this biological phenomenon first hand when they had their second daughter. She was healthy, beautiful, and possessed all the phenotypic characteristics of a young normal girl. However, during puberty her voice deepened, a penis grew, and testicles descended. The child began to take interest in the opposite sex, girls. Distraught by what had happened to their daughter in the course a few months, she was taken to the hospital where DNA analysis revealed that the child was actually genetically a male, possessing the X and Y chromosomes (females have XX, males have XY). This phenomenon triggered a multitude of studies inquiring into the reality of ‘intersex’ individuals.

During the 1970’s, 1 in 90 males in the Dominican Republic had this condition known as 5-Alpha-Reductase Deficiency. Unbeknownst to parents, some daughters were in fact males. They appeared to be female with a vagina and the tenderness of a little girl. Raised as young girls, they became males once puberty hit; their testicles descended, phallus grew, voice deepened, muscle and bone mass increased, and so forth.

It was later discovered that children with this disorder typically have under-developed testes and penis hidden in the body cavity. Since the default human form is that of the female body, their male genitals had not developed thoroughly during the fetal stages.

These children were plagued with the genetically transmitted abnormality, 5-Alpha-Reductase Deficiency, during conception. 5-Alpha-Reductase is an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, the powerful androgen (male sex hormone) responsible for the development of the male genitalia.

It turns out that during prenatal development, the fetus had adequate levels of testosterone; however, an inherited genetic mutation rendered the 5-Alpha-Reductase inoperable and couldn’t synthesize testosterone into its more potent by-product dihydrotestosterone. The fetus was therefore unable to grow male genitalia during prenatal development and was born with phenotypic traits characteristic of females (they were born with what seemed to be a vagina).

Testosterone lingered in the fetus until it was degraded or inactive. Testosterone needs to be converted into dihydrotestosterone in order for it to trigger the development of the penis, testicles, body hair, etc.

So how did these children become males during puberty if the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into its potent by-product was defective?

It was discovered that during puberty, males produce another enzyme similar to 5-Alpha-Reductase in large quantities.This enzyme, 5-Alpha-Reductase type 1, is what converted just enough testosterone into dihydrotestosterone for the penis and testicles to emerge. For more information on this, please read the following scientific article.

Incredibly, a vast majority of the children that suffered from this disorder developed into healthy males and were able to successfully procreate. Also, since it is an autosomal recessive disorder, their children had a 25% chance of either having this disorder or carrying the gene to transfer to their offspring.

Thoughts to Consider:

The medical community has been revered for its enlightening research on the inner workings of the human body since the 1600’s when William Harvey published his work on the anatomical study of the motion of the heart and blood in animals.

Scientific and medical research often challenges what is considered to be “common knowledge” and refutes previously accepted ideologies. Providing enough evidence to counter a particular belief system, scientific findings backed by reliable empirical data allow modern humans to approach the complexities and mysteries of life with acceptance and understanding. Whether it’s the disillusionment that objects touch, that time is uniform throughout the universe, or that every animal needs a mate to procreate, science has consistently challenged our understanding of the universe, life, and interactions with one another and enlightened us to reconsider our views of the world.

Even with these incredible scientific and, particularly medical, findings, it seems that the general human population still doesn’t accept the possibility that various human conditions which we look down upon, stigmatize, and categorize with negative connotations are in fact normal biological manifestations. For instance, isn’t it about time humanity reconsidered its views on homosexuality and transgendered individuals? If a child that looks and acts like a girl can turn into a fertile and functioning boy within a few months, doesn’t that leave the door open for the possibility that homosexuality may not be choice after all, but a natural part of our humanity?

25 comments on “Select Population of Females turn into Males during Puberty, Growing Male Genitalia”

  1. J. Shepard says:

    That is a really sad disorder. Very disturbing to read about things like this…. but nonetheless enlightening.

    1. Keegan Boshoff says:

      It must be scary being a girl an a penis and balls start to Appear and the voice deepens

    2. CMM says:

      I do not think it is sad or disturbing at all. They seem pretty healthy from what the article says. In fact I am not sure why it needs to be called a disorder even, seem like just a genetic odity with no negative health affects.

  2. toding says:

    5 alpha reductase deficiency… i wonder if it has anything to do with some sort of “gay” gene.

    1. Username says:

      No, there is no such thin as a “gay” gene as far as we know right now.
      Homosexuality is thought to be the mother bathing the XY gene in too much female hormone for the purposes of helping with child care.

  3. fredibrek says:

    this is very fasinating, my friends called me a “bullshitter” when i first brought up this topic in school. I later directed them to a similar website and they are now all eating out of the palm of my hands at the source of my fasinating facts. Factual Freddie they call me!

  4. prince says:

    how can i grow my hair on my beared and mushtang so plz suggest me some medicien thnx

  5. Angel says:

    This is very interesting indeed but this doesn’t support homosexuality or transgender operations… If you read closely this individuals where always MALE, your sex is not determined by yours genitals or hormones but by yours chromosomes. If you’re an xy you’re a dude no matter what.

    1. Product-Boy says:

      You’re right Angel, they were genetically males all along. And it doesn’t support homosexuality by trying to draw a causal link to genetics or biology. I simply wanted readers to consider that if such a HUGE transformation can occur within a short period of time, and if anatomically humans are pre-programmed to be in the female form, doesn’t that sort of smear culturally derived gender identifications? If such enormous and drastic physical transformations can occur then doesn’t that open a door to the probability that our understanding of one’s psychology may be incomplete as well?

      1. Sofia says:

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    2. Yuuki says:

      Not true. There are MANY Females that bear children with XY Chromosomes. XX and XY is NOT an indicator of sex anymore. There are dozens of variaties of Sex Chromosomes, including X, XXy, XXXY, XXXXy andeven a XXXXXy set of Sex Cromosomes. Its proven that Sex Promosomes is a inaccurate method of determining the reproduction system of a Human being.

    3. google earth says:

      Actually, it argues the opposite, someone who grew up female suddenly became male, regardless of choice. If anything, this is a great argument about anyone becoming transgender before puberty. Let nature take it’s course. These were normal, healthy, children who suddenly found themselves becoming boys (and interested in girls).

      1. 3rd - Gender says:

        No one becomes Transgender, they are born Transgender and can become Transsexual…

      2. Kristen Wave Snider says:

        It’s way way more complicated than that. They didnt suddenly become male. Their bodies already were male they just lacked an en-utero hormone that leads to sexual differenciation in the fetus. Many of them can end up being trans and being horribly off put by their bodies suddenly becoming male during puberty and numerous documented cases of them choosing to surgically alter their bodies to remove those developing male characteristics exist. The reason Gender Identity Disorder is no longer consider a real disorder is because the international medical community now recognizes that it’s neurological (i.e. the structure of the brain before the child is born) and hence in both the DSM (the US’s diagnostic manual) and the IDC (international medical manual) is now classified as Gender dysphoria in the psychological section as a symptom of Gender Incongruence as a physiological intersex condition. So please dont be nasty or rude to these individuals and try to understand that they just want to be treated like human beings and be accepted as themselves. Nothing more.

    4. 3rd - Gender says:

      Still waiting for your reply to product-boy

  6. Dee says:

    I am not sure why this is considered a disorder. There appear to be no medical problems, after puberty the kids develop into the other gender and are able to procreate normally. My guesses that any ‘problems that these kids have are not related to the disorder, but to the societies they live in.

    1. Agreed, actually, life would be a lot simpler if everyone developed like this. “Gender, you find out when you turn 18, till then don’t worry about it. Actually, I wonder what will happen with the swiss ‘no boys, no girls’ experiment.

  7. google earth says:

    I dont see how they say, the child is “Suffering” from this. The only “suffering” is solely produced by Society and Stupid Doctors. The people of the United States really should take Science in High school. I learned all about Genetics in 6th grade, when I was just 11 years old. Sad how dumbed down people are these days.

  8. google earth says:

    The males never go bald either – fact

  9. google earth says:

    since they still have their female parts, are they able to carry and bear offsprings?

    1. google earth says:

      Well they are actually genetically males and I think a percentage of them can have kids but they can’t bear children like women.

  10. Ron says:

    I have heard it said that we all start out as female but SOMETHING GOES HORRIBLY WRONG and some of us end up being MALE. If something as to go wrong to become a male it shows that we males are inferior to women and women are by far superior to us males but honestly, I am glad women are far superior to us.

    1. femalecancer says:

      ron says: you are a dumb idiot

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