Mila Kunis is Splendid

Even though she plays the voice of Family Guy’s Meg Griffin, who is tough on the eyes, Mila Kunis is a real life Kukla (translation inside).

For our culturally challenged friends, Kukla is Russian for “doll”, and Mila’s Ukrainian roots and Eastern European appeal have transcended the shackles of Hollywood’s blonde Barbie archetype, and given the world something awesome to ogle at.

One of the most crucially acclaimed films of last year, Black Swan, featured a very peculiar love scene. In a most flattering lesbian sex romp, the movies stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis distracted the audience from the morbid and psychopathic tones of the movie, and provided some good old fashioned entertainment. It’s no surprise that scene was featured in the previews, as there’s an old saying on Madison Ave, all of marketing revolves around an erect penis.

Her acting chops are hit and miss; depending on the role she’s cast in. As the laid back, no nonsense hotel concierge in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, Mila stole the show with her girl next-door attitude and island tan. As a post-apocalyptic crusader across barren wastelands alongside Denzel Washington in “The Book of Eli”, she was less than impressive, acting wise, because let’s face it, she’s always nice to look at.

Mila’s star is definitely on its way up, and even though both her and Natalie Portman pretty much made the EXACT same film after Black Swan (No Strings Attached/Friends With Benefits), we will blame the short attention span of the American consumer and the insatiable appetite of Hollywood producers to feed that attention span for that fiasco.
Mila Kunis gentlemen, enjoy.

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