The Skeptic’s Quick Guide to Fasting, An Ancient Practice Modernized

A Product-Boy e-publication illuminating the elementary biological effects of fasting and its associated health benefits, along with a short guide with different ways to fast.

What you’ll get from this e-book:

  • A 20 page PDF document you can view and print INSTANTLY!
  • Secrets for effective weight loss with fasting.
  • Information on the anti-cancer benefits of fasting.
  • Information on the anti-aging benefits of fasting.
  • Information on how chemo-therapy potency is increased with fasting.
  • How fasting is a natural way to detoxify and cleanse the body.
  • The history of fasting and how all religious dogmas have incorporated fasting!
  • A quick instructional guide with different ways to fast.

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Excerpt from “The Skeptic’s Quick Guide to Fasting, An Ancient Practice, Modernized.”

“Fasting has also been used as a tool to spur socio-political change. It is a sign of defiance, and a steadfast dedication to a goal. Historical figures and citizens alike have used fasting to illustrate their discipline and adherence to a cause…Mahatma Gandhi often used fasting to demonstrate against the established British colonialism in India…”

“Diets of the modern world, which include a disproportionate amount of processed foods, have wreaked havoc on the minds and bodies of consumers.”

“We will describe the elementary biological effects of fasting; how it helps to destroy tumors and cancerous tissue, increase the potency of chemotherapy, aid in weight loss, improve mental faculties, detoxify the body…”

“Multiple pharmaceutical companies have invested massive amounts of money and resources to utilize the same chemical and biological signals released by the body when an individual fasts to develop anti-cancer medications.”

Reader Testimonials for “The Skeptic’s Quick Guide to Fasting, An Ancient Practice, Modernized.”

“This was a very easy but well articulated read. A common misconception is that our bodies constantly need nourishment to keep us healthy, but this handbook gives a concise run-down of exactly why it’s good for us to give our bodies a break once in a while, and allow self-repair.”

Leonard Campbell , Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

This e-book was such a relief from all of the scattered information on the web. People think fasting is about starving oneself half to death, but the guides in the book actually illustrate shorter term, “mini” fasts for the everyday person. I’ve implemented a monthly fast, and I really do feel a difference.”

– Susan Glouster, Cuppertino, California USA

This is one of the more viable options for homeopathic medicine, in that fasting doesn’t require you to believe in some ancient mystical flower or some wizard’s potion. The science explains itself well enough.”

-Walter Lewis, Leeds, England United Kingdom

After reading this, I spoke with my mother’s oncologist regarding fasting during her chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and she corroborated the benefits of fasting regarding tissue growth, particularly tumors.”

-Sarah Ackroyd,  Christchurch New Zealand

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4 comments on “The Skeptic’s Quick Guide to Fasting, An Ancient Practice Modernized”

  1. gurufred says:

    I liked it. Short and sweet.

  2. davidslayedgoliath says:

    Very easy to understand…hoping for more e-books in the near future.

  3. Lexy says:

    first day of fasting, leggo!… How’s everyone first day of fasting? Does it make you lazier?.

  4. Chris says:

    Not for actual skeptics.

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