The Cubicle Rat

How mind numbing it is to work at a meaningless, tiresome, boring and soul depriving excuse for what most call a job. A lot of jobs are unnecessary, redundant, temporal prisons that provide people with just enough financial resources to maintain a quality of life so discontenting that it makes mediocrity GREAT!

It may be time to reconsider the options available and take the plunge into the world of self-employment. In order to break away from the consuming wretchedness of “modernized” work weeks, you need to take the first step and ask yourself the simple question; “Why am I doing this? Why have I succumbed to wasting the majority of my life working for a miniscule wage at the expense of my happiness?”

The world wouldn’t collapse if several thousand bank tellers, mortgage brokers, and radiation technicians decided to quit their jobs and make a living pursuing their passion. If you’re reading this, then chances are that the world doesn’t rely on you to keep your job, doing whatever it is you do. Take a moment to read, and reflect on what your ambitions have become and can potentially be in the near future.

Several hundred years ago, people fled their counties of origin to pursue a life uninhibited of religious and political persecution. They sought to create a life based on the ideology of free enterprise. However, following the aftermath of WWII the U.S., being geographically isolated and relatively unharmed form the war, secured its position as the manufacturing epicenter. With Europe, Russia, and Japan in ruins, and China and the rest of the world undeveloped, the U.S., by default, became the global hub for manufacturing. It triggered the migration of a workforce to factories and desk jobs with relatively high wages. Furthermore, this migratory shift initiated the evolution of the modern day cubicle.

Walled off from human contact and engulfed in the bland gray tone of the modern day cubicle is by far one of the most dreaded working conditions for any semi-educated job seeker in a developed country. Unfortunately, most are tempted by the proverbial corporate ladder and consequently trapped in the life of corporate nonsense.

As we interviewed people from all walks of life, it became apparent that most don’t express their discontent outwardly; it takes a bit of investigative and psychoanalytic work to get an idea of how miserable they truly were with their 9-5 jobs with two 15 minute break, an hour lunch, and a week of vacation time each year. Their misconstrued ideology was based on the propaganda that in order to achieve a comfortable and secure lifestyle, one must work a 9-5 job, most likely trapped in a cubicle. There seems to be an undeclared general consensus that any strong willed person with self discipline should be able to handle these mind-numbing, soul depriving jobs without any complaint.

While a small percentage of workers are content with their jobs, wages, and lifestyles, far too many are simply unhappy. One’s full potential is rarely realized at a 9-5 job.

In order to transition from a cubicle, climbing an endless ladder at no avail, to a work week dictated by one’s desires and ambitions, one must break free from the superficiality that has become the undertone of American culture.

There exist vast repositories of information and resources on the internet to pursue any passion as a form of living. In this day-and-age, all one needs is a desire and the will to attain it.

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  1. gurufred says:

    Ok, here’s a challenge to you, see if you can answer from up high and mighty. My passion is playing video games. Other than competing (which I can’t do because I’m not good enough), how do you figure I make money with that passion?

    1. Product-Boy says:

      Two things come to immediately mind:

      1.) Become a video-game tester.
      2.) Start playing a new game, keep notes on it, blog about it, and make money from adsense and amazon’s affiliate program. You can even setup a free blogger account.

      I hope those are enough. If not, there are a few more potential ways to make money.

      3.) You can host gaming tournaments. Get in touch with local restaurants, get an idea of costs for renting out an entire section for a day or two, start marketing through social networking and local coffee shops and school boards, keep a percentage of the total money, and give the winners their cut.

      4.) Go to retirement centers and use game-therapy with the nintendo WIi for the old folks.

      5.) Do something similar to #4 but with little kids, kind of like baby-sitting them.


      1. Hooraen says:

        I know a lot about this topic so please frivoge the length of this reply. I have a lot of good info for you. I am a mother of two little girls who are actually tugging on my arm as I write this so I will try to be brief. Many people are looking for work from home companies. All the scams definitely create a big problem but also, there is a problem of people misunderstanding the difference between work from home jobs and work from home opportunities. There really are not work from home e2€œjobse2€9d. To get that you have to start working for a company in their offices first, then they MAY allow you to take the job home.Most of the work from home opportunities that are legitimate offers are not an hourly pay type job. They are business opportunities that help you in starting your own business from your home.What you should do first is to decide if you are simply looking for an hourly rate type job or if you are looking for more of an opportunity for additional income such as what you would make in your own business being your own boss from home. Many say a JOB stands for Just Over Broker and I have found that to be true as well. I never got anywhere working for others. Small home businesses have some small costs involved, less then $100 to start is reasonable and I would stay away from those wanting $300, $500 even some asking for $1000-$5000. It doesne2€™t cost that much to start and run a home business so you shouldne2€™t pay it. The real ones will have a small monthly overhead as well. Should be around $50 a month but no more then $75. And everything should be included from your web sites to training and team support to back office accounting and booking. Ite2€™s ok to pay this overhead because ite2€™s a business, they cost money. Ite2€™s not reasonable to assume you can run a business from home with a website and more for free so do keep that in mind as you search. If you are coming across places that say free then I would RUN done2€™t walk the other way! They never are. I tried them many a times and 3 weeks later I had to buy this and 6 weeks later that. After 6 months these e2€œfree businessese2€9d had cost me over $800 on average.Ie2€™m a stay at home mom of two little girls as I mentioned, ages 1 and 3. I work about 15-18 hours per week for a National Medical Benefits Company. This is a home business, a nationally known and reputable home business which is what you need to make sure you are looking for. I have been with the company almost a year now and I make over $2000 a month! In your first month, depending on how many hours you can work, I have seen people make anywhere from $300 to over $3000. 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