Sony Unveils the PlayStation Vita at E3 2011

Humorous Wikipedia edits were reporting the Sony CEO had committed suicide on stage at E3 for dishonoring Sony and its clients. Despite the recent bombardment of their online systems, Sony stayed the course, and revealed the PlayStation Vita to the world.

Earlier on Product-boy, we talked about what could be in the works with Sony’s next portable gaming device, uneventfully dubbed the “PSP 2”. At this year’s E3 conference, Sony unveiled the PlayStation Vita, its next generation portable gaming device. Sony has been under a LOT of scrutiny recently due to the PSN being hacked, and the financial information of PSN users being compromised. The Vita is a much needed distraction, albeit under the shadow of the security breaches.

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When people argue that the gaming console and PC market are losing market share because of a demographic shift to smart-phones and other mobile devices, it makes no sense. Those two markets aren’t mutually exclusive, and the people playing Angry Birds on their iPhone aren’t really endangering the market for MMORPG’s, long-standing console franchises, or the sheer graphical and gameplay superiority that comes with a PC or console game.

The argument about the market being re-shifted DOES make sense, however, when talking about the variety of mobile, hand-held devices that can be used for gaming. Even then, this demographic has its niches, and those who are picking up a hand-held to put in 2-3 hours of solid gameplay vs. a dude playing a hand of poker while waiting at the dentist’s office aren’t really the same type of “gamer”. So, for all intents and purposes, let us assume that the hand-held gaming market, the real one, is a toe to toe battle with two heavyweights, Sony and Nintendo.

Nintendo came out swinging with its 3DS, but taking a look at the capabilities and added utilities of the Vita, it looks like Sony might just have landed the haymaker.

The PlayStation Vita is a marvel of hand-held gaming. The appliances and added utilities on this thing are supped up beyond belief. Imagine, if you will, being able to create the perfect hand-held gaming device. Not to say the Vita is perfect, because consumer electronics have yet to reach their apex, obviously, but it is pretty damn cool.

Sony PlayStation Vita, some stats:

-Dual Analog Sticks


Crystal Clear OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Screen

Wifi, 3G, and GPS capable

SixAxis Motion Sensor

Front and Rear Facing Cameras

Multi-touch Front Screen

Rear Multi-touch Touchpad

Alas, check out the graphics this thing can pump out, and imagine the gameplay dynamics that can be created using all the different input appliances on the Vita.

Sony, you beautiful bastards, you’ve done it again. Now, if you could secure your networks and stop getting hacked once a week, that’d be nice too.


2 comments on “Sony Unveils the PlayStation Vita at E3 2011”

  1. neverscared says:

    Why the FUCK did I buy a 3DS?!

    1. Zengcai says:

      I can imagine pniaylg a Move fighting FPS with it xD Srsly, if you guys add a back part so it STAYS on the head without the need to hold it(hell you can put more stuff in the back part as well, and improve the performance), and work a bit on some tracking software so when you play a game you can move around and the camera will follow You have yourself the most epic gaming accessory.

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