Jennifer Aniston is the Best Friend

Ever since Rachel made her way onto the screen in “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston has been the girl next door, cute and sexy, funny and cool type of chick that we all love.

She has been around for a while, yet she still manages to exude an air of class and cuteness even into her 40’s.

Everybody had a celebrity crush back in high school. Everyone remembers guys and girls alike with magazine cutouts of their favorite celebrity and other unattainable persona gracing the cover under the laminate of their three-ring binders.

For many 90’s kids, and millennium teens, that girl was Jennifer Aniston. She had a haircut that took over pop-culture, and now she makes bad romantic comedies. But who cares? She is still smoking hot in her 40’s, and doesn’t seem to be quitting anytime soon.

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