Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Is there any OTHER edition?

The coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition is out for 2011, gracing the cover is Russian supermodel Irina Shayk. This woman loves the water, and we love her.

It must be a tough life, flying around the world to exotic and tropical locations to take pictures. All the while dating one of the world’s most recognizable athletes. Since Irina Shayk has it so tough in her daily life, we thought we’d pay homage and showcase this natural wonder.

Irina Shayk is the new cover girl for the Sports Illustration 2011 Swimsuit edition. We have to be honest here; does anyone even read Sports Illustrated any other time of the year? It’s not like anyone is going to be READING anything in particular with the swimsuit edition, which is probably why the photographers get paid more than the writers do. Either way, why are you still reading this? Scroll down and enjoy the view.

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