Mobile World Congress 2011 Convenes in Barcelona, Spain

Players from the entire mobile industry ecosystem are currently having their annual trade show in Barcelona, Spain, dubbed “Mobile World Congress”.

The mobile ecosystem is in the midst of an unprecedented wave of transformation. As business models adapt, new verticals and players emerge. Technology evolves, perceptions shift, and lives are improved. Barcelona acts as the epicenter of mobile technology this week.

The Mobile World Congress is the mobile industry’s “must attend” event with more than 50 THOUSAND visitors expected in Barcelona, Spain. In attendance will be the leaders of the world’s most innovative companies, both from within the mobile industry and from the growing number of adjacent market sectors that are rapidly joining the expanding mobile ecosystem.

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CEO’s and Directors from companies such as Cisco, Ericsson, Google, HTC, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Qualcomm, RIM, and Yahoo will be in attendance and will be giving keynote speeches during the conferences three day run in Barcelona, Spain.

Aside from keynote speeches from industry leading companies, one of the biggest draws for visitors and exhibitors alike at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain is the App Planet. Realizing that the mobile device is ever so closely beginning to resemble the PC, developers are pushing to create the applications, or analogously, the software, to run on the devices that people use every day.

The same way the software industry was able to burgeon under the wide-spread adoption of the PC, the application development industry will do likewise, as mobile devices begin to challenge laptops in computing, storage, and graphical display power. As such, the Mobile World Congress uses its App Planet exhibition, to focus on the explosive growth in the mobile apps market while fostering direct communication between developers and platform

owners. App Planet at the Mobile World Congress will be the center of the mobile technology universe during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

What an amazing experience it must be to be able to attend. Not only to hear some of the most brilliant and innovative executives speak on behalf of their firms, but witness and get a sneak peek into the very near future of mobile technology.

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