iPhone 5? iPhone Nano? Either way, this summer, there’ll be a new iPhone.

Apple has a knack for making things tiny. That said, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple introduced an iPhone Nano this summer in lieu of, or beside, the iPhone 5.

Apple is really methodical when it comes to its marketing and “go to market” timelines, which means you, can almost certainly bet your bottom dollar that this summer 2011, you’ll be seeing a new incarnation of the flagship iPhone device from Cupertino, CA. iPhone 5? iPhone Nano?


The coolest thing about Apple is their ability to make their technology tiny. Sometimes they make things SO small, that they actually hinder real utility, but most of the time, their hardware is right in the sweet spot when it comes to size. Not too big, not too small.

That being said, this upcoming summer is right about the time Apple should be releasing its next incarnation of their flag ship product, the iPhone. Throughout the years, the iPhone has seen some minor and understated aesthetic renovations, as Apple has concentrated on simple design and good utility in their mobile Operating System.

Their OS seems to be lagging in recent months, as Android developers are flooding the Android ecosystem with some really cool new apps and add ons. So, will Apple unveil a new, moderately different iPhone 5, or will they make drastic changes? Will there be an entirely new lineup of iPhone Nanos; creating a much more economically accessible version of the phone for the market?

Apple has patent filings for a smaller incarnation of its iPhone device, but as with most things coming out of Cupertino, we really can’t tell, because they do a good job of keeping things secret, sans last year’s debacle when an Apple employee left his/her iPhone 4 at a bar!

Either way, we do know one thing, this summer, fan boys and the like will be able to get their hands on the new version of the iPhone, or a smaller, much more economical Nano. With ATT’s exclusivity now out of the question, and Verizon in full Apple marketing mode, we expect Apple to gain a bit of traction back this summer when they make their release. Our guess is it’ll be a dual release of the iPhone 5 and iPhone Nano. Now we wait.


Patent Filings from Apple Corp for a future iPhone.

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  1. Robert Rice says:

    how much is it and when does it come out. And what are agreements

  2. Karishma Rauniyar says:

    how much is it and when does it come out.plz can u reply me as soon as possible.

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