Motorola Jumps into the Tablet Game with Xoom

Motorola paid about $3 million to introduce the world to its new Xoom tablet during the Superbowl. Was it worth it?

With Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet slowly but surely devouring market share, Android hardware powerhouse Motorola has put its hat into the race with its Xoom tablet. The Super Bowl (GO PACK!) commercial and subsequent hype aside, is it worth the $800 price tag?

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We guess its official; the tablet thing isn’t just a fad. Apparently people enjoy touch screens over tactile keyboards, and what have you. We reviewed the iPad, and the Samsung Galaxy, and now its time to review the newest edition to the tablet round-table, the Xoom from Motorola.

Seeing as how Motorola was the front-runner as far as hardware was concerned regarding the Android mobile OS (Droid devices), it isn’t surprising that they decided to incorporate the Android OS into a tablet device.

Being the third big player into the game, they should have learned from the mistakes and shortcomings of their competitors, and it surely looks as though they have.

The Xoom is a sleek, quick, and clean device (aesthetically similar to the iPad). Other than its looks, it runs some serious machinery underneath. Touting a dual-core processor, and an advanced graphics accelerator for a more powerful and clean GUI experience, the Xoom makes its mark as far as hardware is concerned.

Software wise, it is the first device to run the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) OS. It’s got the full Google suite of apps and widgets, and we think it is a nice little precursor for Google’s Chrome OS. We’d be surprised if there weren’t a ton of similarities between the Chrome OS and the up and coming Android systems for mobile.

All in all, the Xoom has all the gadgets and gizmos to compete (Front and rear facing cameras, digital zoom, LED flash).

Motorola is a close second to HTC in developing hardware that runs Android mobile. Since HTC has yet to jump into the foray with an offering, we can safely say the Motorola Xoom is the tablet to get. Technical specs taken into consideration, this thing blows the iPad and Samsung Galaxy out of the water.

Motorola Xoom with Android

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