A Wonder of Nature- Natalie Portman

There are two types of women in this world. The ones who are aesthetically marvelous, yet seem pretty much manufactured and look as if they come a dime a dozen.

You know the type we are talking about, the big bosomed blondes, and the quintessential bikini models of the world. Then there is the higher breed of woman, those beautiful creatures who can make your heart melt with their charm, wit, and intelligence as well as their pretty faces and shapely bodies.

Ever since she played the sidekick of a badass French assassin, performing with a maturity way beyond her years, Natalie Portman worked her way into the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Now a grown, Harvard educated movie star, this women never ceases to amaze. She has a candor about her that is unmatched in Hollywood today, and her girl next-door good looks just add fuel to the fire. She starred in one of the most poignant critiques of our modern political society (V for Vendetta), and continues to be simply amazing (can you tell I kind of think she is awesome?), and continues to be simply radiant.

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2 comments on “A Wonder of Nature- Natalie Portman”

  1. hunter says:

    This chick can get it. Any day, any place, any time.

    Oh the things I would do to her, and let her do to me…

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