The Nintendo 3DS: It Will Melt Your Eyeballs

Come March 27th, gamers will be able to enjoy games, videos, and photography in 3D with the Nintendo 3DS. Mobile gaming will never be the same.

We can all remember our first Nintendo Gameboy, with the beloved titles and the constant upgrades. Now, Nintendo is jumping on the 3D bandwagon and introducing its Nintendo 3DS hand-held gaming system; albeit with warnings of melted eyeballs?

Nintendo can be described as a few things in the video game industry. Pioneer, marketing genius, franchises that stand the test of time across generations, the list goes on and on. More recently, with the advent and introduction of the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo has re-introduced itself to the new generation of gamers with the rigor you’d expect from the Japanese firm.

Nintendo Gaming Console 2

Now, with the mobile sector booming, and mobile games taking up the vast majority of the mobile app marketplace, Nintendo is introducing another device that it hopes will be a game changer. The Nintendo 3DS hand-held gaming device comes to market March 27th, and it boasts 3D Video games, photography, and Video without the need for any silly glasses or add-on devices.

Beside the 3D gaming features, Nintendo has added a never before seen aspect to its handheld devices: A joystick. Aesthetically speaking, the Nintendo 3DS looks very much like its predecessor the Nintendo DS.  It is however, powered by a much more bulked up processor, and touts Nintendo’s “revolutionary” 3D technology.

How the Nintendo 3DS holds up against its competitors is yet to be seen, but with the March 27th release date, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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