Dr. Dre prescribes Beats Audio Headphones

The Beats Audio Headphones, marketed by Dr. Dre promise noise cancellation, and studio quality sound in a set of headphones. The question: are they worth the 300 dollar price tag?

Is there any way to justify paying upwards of 300 dollars for a pair of headphones? Regardless if they’re touted as being “studio quality”, The Beats Audio Headphones have a lot to prove if they’re going to be on shelves for that asking price.

Dr. Dre has become synonymous with creating various beats and instrumentals for artists across the entire spectrum of musical genre. So it comes as no surprise that Monster Cable (the makers of the overpriced HDMI cables), decided to brand their joint venture with Dr. Dre as “Beats Audio Headphones”.

There are five different types in the entire Beats Audio Headphones lineup, and they vary in price range depending on the added utilities. They come in various over the ear, and in the ear (ear bud) styles, in two colors (black and white), and some are even branded by various celebrates.

Marketing hype aside, do the Beats Audio Headphones really serve enough utility to justify a price tag that could get you a high-end home theatre surround sound system? That all depends on who you ask. Testing them out personally, we were pretty excited to see what the actual difference was between the run of the mill ear-buds that go for under 10 bucks at the big box stores, and a 300 dollar High Definition, Noise cancelling, Beats Audio Headphone set.

The results were impressive. First and foremost, the noise cancelling aspect of these things is probably something that had never crossed our minds before, but it is easy to understand after you’ve used noise cancelling headphones, just how much outside noise distorts the music you’re trying to enjoy.

Beats Audio Headphones claim to cancel the vast majority of outside noise, and they do. Putting these things on, it feels like entering an auditory vacuum of sorts. Creating a silence that is at first unusual, but once your music starts playing, it makes perfect sense.

All in all, The Beats Audio Headphones are substantially better than your run of the mill ear-buds, or even other ear covering phones that you might have used. The noise cancellation works wonders to bring the music to life, and the sound quality is very luxurious.

However, as Monster Cable (the manufacturer of the Beats Audio Headphones) has proven with its HDMI cable products, they have an insatiable knack for overpricing, and even though the utility is definitely there for Beats Audio, it doesn’t even come close to justifying the price tag.

3 comments on “Dr. Dre prescribes Beats Audio Headphones”

  1. dick Jones says:

    Awesome article. I personally don’t like the noise cancellation because of the weirdness of the silence. It feels like you are in a room that does not have any drywall boarded up.

    Another thing I don’t like about noise cancelling headphones is that although the music becomes very personal and private to your ears, the people around you hear an orchestra of music blasting around you.

    I prefer the classic Sony $15 ear buds any day.

    1. Herb T. says:

      I agree with you. It’s VERY annoying when someones listening to music with those freakin headphones, although it might provide a very private experience for them, it is just an annoyance for anyone around.

      I prefer the $35 dollar Samsung or the typical apple ipod headphones.

      1. Beyonce says:

        That’s way the bestest aswner so far!

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