Tokyo Flash Watches. They Are Cool.

If you think the era of the digital watch is over, think again. Gone are the drab, ugly, black and grey plastic and rubber designs that were the entire craze about a decade ago.

Tokyo flash, a Japanese watch design firm, is making the coolest digital, led and stainless steel based watches we have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Watch enthusiasts and purists will tell you; the value of a watch comes from its mechanical engineering, coupled with the build materials, and finally, functionality and utility. If we were to follow that strict formula to build a hierarchy of which watches deserve the big price tag, we’d put Japanese Watch Company Tokyo Flash at the top of the heap when it comes to digital watches.

Tokyo Flash designs and manufactures digital watches for the watch connoisseur. To sum it up, these things are cool. Built on stainless steel with LED screens, Tokyo Flash watches are unique in that they tell the time in a not so traditional manner. You won’t find the traditional hands of a clock, nor will you find the numbers 1 through 12 anywhere on these futuristic bad boys. Toyko Flash watches tell you the time with the creative design outlay of their LED modules (check out the pictures).


Each watch is unique in that it tells the time in a different manner. Tokyo Flash watches are a nice conversation starter, and they are just magnificent. You can even use them to both break the ice with women, and test their critical thinking skills. How? Just challenge the cutest girl in the room to tell the time by looking at your watch. It’s guaranteed to get at least some Oohs and Aahs from the crowd.


2 comments on “Tokyo Flash Watches. They Are Cool.”

  1. Tracey says:

    Can you order these watches on line?
    Do you ship to New Zealand?

    1. Product-Boy says:

      Unfortunately, we do not sell them. 🙁

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