Apple iPhone coming to Verizon. Or so they say.

According to the Wall St. Journal, the New York Times, various other news outlets, and the wireless carrier itself, Verizon are all chatting about how Verizon plans to bring the best-selling smart phone to their network.

Call us crazy, but we have a theory. If Verizon had bent to Steve Job’s will and accepted the ludicrous profit share model to carry the iPhone, Google’s Android would have been dead in the water. The best hardware operating Google’s Android are exclusive to Verizon, and throughout the last two years, competed directly with the iPhone over at ATT.

Now, with their newly touted 4GLTE (Long –term evolution) network (It’s all marketing jargon anyway, what could be more ambiguous than a “long term evolution network?”) up and running, Verizon is ready and able (according to them at least) to handle the data centric network congestion that ATT is all too familiar with.

There is no question that Verizon’s network will be able to handle any sort of data influx caused by new iPhone users. Here’s our take on the demographics Verizon is dealing with…

There are extremely few, if any, Verizon wireless subscribers who are sitting around, waiting for the iPhone to migrate over to big red as they deal with feature (dumb) phones. People who are going to purchase the Verizon wireless iPhone are already using a Verizon Wireless Android or Blackberry device. That being said, we think Verizon will have to deal with existing customers switching over rather than an uncontrollable influx of new subscriptions (although these will exist also).

The iPhone has gobbled up a substantial amount of market share since its original incarnation years back. Will its migration to Verizon wireless mark the death sentence for Google’s droid? That remains to be seen, but for all of those potential fan boys waiting in the wings all of these years, it seems your time will soon be upon us.

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