The Pros and Cons of an LCD HDTV Set

Product Boy has done some research and compiled a list of the pros and cons of LCD television sets.

Although LCD HDTV sets are versatile, energy efficient, and provide rich picture quality, there are several important factors to consider before purchasing one.

Pros: LCD Television sets are typically very light weight, consume half the power of Plasma televisions, and can run for countless hours without the fear of overheating. LCD television sets offer a much brighter picture quality than plasma sets. LCD display quality isn’t jeopardized as much as Plasma sets when exposed to direct light. These screens have an anti-glare technology that makes it easier to view in bright rooms. Also, LCD screens come in a higher variety of sizes, increasing your chance of finding the right one.

Cons: LCD HDTV’s typically cost more than any comparable Plasma set. Also, LCD sets cannot display true black like the Plasma sets and have a lower contrast ratio. Occasionally, individual pixels can burn out, displaying a black dot or square. Unfortunately, individual pixels cannot be replaced. LCD TV motion tracking isn’t as superior as that of Plasma, so fast high action movies or fast action sports would be more enjoyable on a Plasma TV. Fast motion is blurred, especially in older LCD models. The viewing angle of an LCD isn’t as superior as a Plasma, so be sure to take that into consideration, especially when attaching to a fixed wall-mount. They offer a narrower range of viewing angles.

In Conclusion: If you’re going to place your television set in a room that has direct sunlight or other ornamental light fixtures shining on the screen, then LCD is a better choice. Furthermore, LCD sets are power efficient, display a brighter picture, are very light weight, and are typically thinner then Plasma sets. However, if you intend on purchasing a new HDTV set for viewing fast motion, high action, extremely vivid, and contrast-filled videos, then LCD may not be the best choice. Also, LCD HDTV sets aren’t prone to getting damaged if placed horizontally like Plasma sets. If you can’t ensure that the television set will be kept vertical throughout the transportation process, then you should probably consider an LCD set since they are a bit sturdier in this sense.

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