Nokia 5530 Smartphone- What Product-Boy Liked

Why isn’t Nokia a more prominent brand here in the United States?

From what we can tell, the rest of world seems to be enjoying this preeminent brand’s creations, whilst we in the US have to pay full retail price if we want one. Apparently they don’t like playing the subsidy game that the US carriers require, so we are left admiring from afar. And admire we do.

Nokia has always put out top-notch hardware. Remember those old blocks you used to play snake on for hours on end? Yeah, they’ve upgraded substantially, and the Nokia 5530 smart phone is something to marvel at. This thing is a music and video (multimedia) multitasking machine.

Apart from a good media player, this phone also has mobile Internet through GPRS or Wi-Fi. With the 3.2 megapixel camera of the Nokia 5530 allows you to shoot and replay very nice photos and videos.

As a music phone, the Nokia 5530 is naturally equipped with several gadgets that make listening to music pleasant; it is a viable mp3 player replacement. The unit comes standard with a 4 gigabyte MicroSD memory card, which is sufficient for about 1,000 MP3 music files. The phone is equipped with stereo speakers with surround sound, an effect which ensures that the sound is spatial and full. The 1000 mAh battery allows 27 hours continuous music can be heard on a single battery charge, and we are willing to bet that beats the heck out of your iPod.
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