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Ah flash games. If you only knew how much of your life and potential productive time you’ve wasted on them, you’d probably be very angry with yourself at best, and suicidal at worst.

Either way, it’s difficult to find a flash game aggregator these days that isn’t inundated with annoying ads, random pop-ups, and forever loading times. In comes Friv, an online flash game site that is simple, clean, and just works.

As most gamers would attest, if they are enthusiasts and purists, flash games are like the ground beef of the gaming world, compared to the filet mignon that are console and PC games. They are, however, a necessary evil in a world with so much deliberate complication and convolution. When you’re not really in the mood to learn an entirely new complicated set of controls, or invest a good amount of cash in a new game, or even go through an elongated install process, flash games are the free, quick and easy place to turn to for a quick fix.

They’re almost as old as the internet (as we know it) is, and there are a lot which are creative, fun, and very well made. That’s exactly the problem though, there are a LOT. That being said, it’s difficult to really effectively navigate through the troves of websites out there. Friv, which can most accurately be described as a Flash game aggregator online, is the perfect place to go to enjoy these guilty pleasures when we ALL know you SHOULD be working.

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