Netflix: They’re Doing it Right

With the digitization of video content, it was inevitable that brick and mortar video rental operations were on their way out.

It would have made sense for the industry leader (Blockbuster) to migrate online before anyone else. Their management was, for lack of a more fitting word, retarded, and Netflix pretty much cannibalized the industry with its online home delivery service.

It isn’t everyday a company is as disruptive as Netflix comes into play WITHOUT any sort of new intellectual property. Netflix simply followed the sentimentality of the crowd, and adapted to the technologies that its clients were adapting to. Today, it is nearly impossible to get through a few hours, let alone a single day, without in one way, shape, or form accessing data through the Internet or mobile network.


Netflix had the foresight to realize people would rather go online than drive to a brick and mortal retailer to rent DVD’s. In doing so, they created an extremely successful service where they stressed an efficient and streamlined delivery mechanism, and accessibility to non-tech savvy folk who enjoyed the convenience of getting a new DVD through the mail every other day, with only a one time monthly charge.

Netflix continues to maintain its foresight, and has pretty much entrenched itself into creating a multi-device streaming service. Much the same way people liked the convenience of having tangible DVD’s delivered to their homes, they are now able to access the Internet directly through their TV’s (Gaming consoles, IPTV STB’s), and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad (Android support coming soon). Netflix is making the smart play to set itself as the standard for TV, movie, and video streaming.

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