Best Free BlackBerry Apps

Ah the BlackBerry, the Canadian underdog in the smart-phone arena. The smart-phone before smart-phone was even part of the everyday lexicon.

RIM has lost significant market share to up and coming competitors like Apple and Google (Android), but it continues to hold its own in the professional world. Alas, here is a list of the top free BlackBerry apps on product-boy.

If we had to differentiate RIM’s BlackBerry devices from its Apple and Android counter-parts with one word, it’d most likely be “Organization”. The BlackBerry user interface is so tightly organized and streamlined; it leaves its users unable to part with their beloved phones. RIM’s devices have aptly been called “crack-berries” for their addictive qualities. Well, in an attempt to better compete with Apple and Google, not to mention simply keep up with the times, BlackBerry has created and continues to support its own Application Ecosystem, the BlackBerry “App World”. So, If you thought you were addicted to your BlackBerry like it were an illicit drug, just wait until you get these apps up and running.

1.)   AP Mobile News

You might have noticed that the AP (associated press) is a tremendous contributor to some of your favorite news outlets.  They pretty much make it their job to cover the world, and, with certain objectivity no less. The AP Mobile News BlackBerry App is the perfect end-all be-all for your daily news consumption. It is conveniently organized and customizable in terms of news categories, and runs incredibly smooth.

2.)   Bolt Browser

One of the more common negative aspects you’ll hear about in terms of BlackBerry devices is the overall quality of the web browser. The Bolt BlackBerry App fixes all of that. Unless you’re running OS 6.0 from RIM, Bolt is the perfect alternative for vibrant, tabbed, and most importantly, fast, web-browsing on your BlackBerry device.

3.)   Kindle for BlackBerry

Like we’ve mentioned before, it is imperative that any well-rounded gentleman maintain a regular digestion of literary work. That said, the Kindle for Blackberry App is the perfect solution. Read wherever and whatever you please from the convenience of your BlackBerry device.

4.)   Pandora

Streaming radio to your BlackBerry device. Customizable through Artist, Genre, Category, even INSTRUMENT! The Pandora BlackBerry App is the perfect alternative to an enormous mp3 database on your flash memory chip.

5.)   Viigo

The one stop shop for information overload. The Viigo BlackBerry app is an RSS reader under the hood; but it is one of very few apps that were actually acquired by RIM. It is basically a portal to information on the web, be it sports scores, weather, or social network feeds.

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