YouTube Seems to be Getting Worse

Google should have made it better, but it seems to be getting worse.

When Google acquired YouTube, it was widely accepted that the search giant would vamp up the video-hosting site, and, among other things, create a better user experience to couple with a viable business model for profitability. They have yet to get it done, and quite frankly, it is getting annoying.

When YouTube was introduced to the world in 2005, it became a worldwide phenomenon almost over-night. The utility and novelty were quite simple really. Allow users all over the world to create and share VIDEO over the Internet, in a seamless and simple platform that just WORKED.

Sure you were inundated with random videos of cats and babies, not to mention delusional self-proclaimed authorities on numerous subjects, but you were also privy to a lot of substantial information that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. YouTube allowed the Internet to be viewed through the most robust medium imaginable short of actually being there: VIDEO.

The site grew almost exponentially, and users joined in throngs. It was absolutely phenomenal what began showing up on the site. The utility it was providing almost was the reason for its demise, as the site inevitably entered the realm of the “Copyright Wars”. Copyright issues aside, and arguably the most annoying user comments anywhere on the internet, YouTube was poised to establish itself as a service that, simply put, made sense. It was easy to use, and it worked.

In comes Google. The search giant with so much money to blow they could acquire the entire the universe if they wanted. Consequently, with any large acquisition (it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.65 billion), the end game is always the same: the bottom line.

In order to make sure that profitability can be turned SOMETIME in the near future (YouTube continues to be a company in the red), Google implemented vast changes. Most were good, some were bad, and some were annoying.

At this point in time, however, as YouTube stands today, it is a complete headache . Google acquired YouTube to make it bigger, better, and, ultimately, profitable. They’ve yet to hit their mark, and it’s unnerving to see them moving backwards at this point.

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