Chatroulette : Red, Black, or Double Zero

So, we might be a little bit late with this whole Chatroulette thing, but after recently exploring the site, we have to say, this has got to be the most useless thing we’ve seen for a while.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Chatroulette, the name is pretty indicative of what you’ll find on the website. It is a random crapshoot of connected web-cams from users all over the world. You get on your cam, and start scrolling through other people on their cams. No filters. No restrictions. You are at the mercy of the random stranger who will show up on the other end of the Chatroulette.

It is a pretty interesting novelty at first, but then you realize that actual implementation differs from the theory. The idea itself is pretty novel, but the reality is that you WON’T connect to a hot sorority chick in her pajamas; you’ll most likely connect to a pimple-faced dude with a bad hair cut, sweating and looking eerily into his camera. W.T.F. !??

After about a minute scrolling through this thing, it had to be shut down. Our guess is the service is peaking user interest because of the novelty involved in randomly being able to connect live to strangers, but what is the point?

Maybe if Chatroulette had categories, such as acoustic guitar sessions, or live games of Pokémon or D&D, there might be SOME utility to the thing. For the time being, however, Chatroulette is a prime example of the OTHER side of the internet spectrum, the side nobody ever likes to talk about or admit to subscribing; that is, the side that is useless.

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