I Don’t Have Time to be Fashionable, Help Me!

Guys usually have a myriad of distractions in their day-to-day life keeping them from paying attention to the more pretentious minutia of popular culture.

Granted, video games, computers, sports and women are arguably a large chunk of pop culture, but most of us usually wouldn’t call ourselves “fashion-forward”, or even “in the know” when it comes to how to decorate our bodies and faces to venture out into this cluster-bomb that is “society”. Don’t panic, product-boy is here to guide you through the minefield that is fashion for a non-fashion conscious man.

There are certain items that are pretty much considered timeless classics. A sharp three-piece suit, a nice pair of leather shoes, etc. is considered something that will never get old. However, how can we discern through the fads and tasteless trends that creep up every now and then?

The fashionably aware Daniel Billett gives us the best advice.

Click here for some Men’s Fashion Style Tips and Advice.

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