Should I Buy A GPS Device?

Garmin or TomTom GPS devices are pointless electronics to be carrying around.

Think about it: at this moment, there is a hand-held device probably in your pocket, on your lap, or in your bag that communicates with space-bound satellites, sending data back and forth at blazing speed, allowing you to be interconnected to the entire knowledge infrastructure (the internet) of the human race, that’s pretty cool right? We are mostly desensitized to the awesomeness that is modern technology, but if you take the time to really think about it, you’ll realize you are pretty much under appreciating everything you’ve got.  Here’s Louis CK to remind you.

One of coolest features of said technology is the ability to discern your coordinates on earth, and get a “God’s eye” view of your whereabouts, and your route. This brings us to the ever so amazing GPS device. And for all of the praising you just read, believe it or not, we don’t think you need one, nor should you worry about getting one anytime soon.

The justification behind this opinion is simple: redundancy. Again, we will tackle this from a utilitarian standpoint. Most new cars already have GPS systems imbedded into their entertainment units. Your phone has GPS capabilities (and for what its worth, is always on you). The only real need for a stand-alone GPS device is if you are the type of person who travels long distances to unfamiliar lands frequently. And let’s be honest here, you are most likely NOT that person.

As long as you can get turn-by-turn directions and GPS based search from your smart-phone (which is only getting better and better), there is no need to have a stand-alone GPS device in the car.

Blast off in the comments if you feel otherwise.

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