Product-Boy’s Ultimate Holiday Wish List!

The holidays are upon us! And whether that means spending time with your family, listening to your favorite uncle tell you inebriated stories of holidays past, or you are of the cooler young urban professional type who has a whole new circle of people you spend your holidays with (your mother is upset, call her), that means one thing… PRESENTS! Here’s product-boy’s list of must haves. Either get people to get them for you or get them for yourself!

Times are tough. But you can’t go through the end of the year without splurging, or having others splurge, on things you don’t really need, but are pretty badass to have. Here’s our list, add and subtract as you see fit in the comments!

White E-ReaderE-Reader (or an E-reader app on your smart phone).

Every self-respecting man reads. Right?  Don’t let your literature intake suffer just because you are so hyper-plugged into the matrix to make time. E-readers and E-reader apps for your smart phones are the best way to stay on track with ingesting the collective intellect of thinkers passed.  Heck, the E-reader apps are pretty much free, so spring for a copy of a Hemingway novel or read some Kant, you owe it to your brain!

Kick-Ass RC HelicopterRemote Controlled Helicopters

Walk through your favorite “Store of ridiculously over-priced and useless stuff” store, (Brookstone, etc.) and you’ll see these sweet new RC helicopters buzzing around. These things are awesome for recon missions to the kitchen, the living room, and annoying your guests. Hours of endless fun!


Higher end digital SLR cameras are going for around 20k these days. That’s a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a camera, especially if it isn’t an integral part of your profession. That being said, guys don’t carry around cameras anyway (we don’t have gigantic handbags). We do, however, like to snap pictures every now and then, and the perfect compromise is the modern day smart phone.

Smart Phone

Get one. It’ll change your life. Let us channel our inner Steve Jobs marketing wizard tongue…”This thing is a camera, an mp3 player, a calendar, an internet communications device, a multi-media playback device, and an application platform for games, finance, news, and novelty”… Seriously, get one, and avoid carrying around an mp3 player, a camera, and a phone. The ultimate all in one.

LG Robotic Vacuum CleanerThe Robotic Vacuum

Between work, the gym, and the attention you need to give your lady friends, who has time to vacuum? Robotic vacuum cleaners are the perfect solution. Turn one of these little guys on, and get on with your life. They are like a dedicated dust and debris server, continuously running recon on the floor, terminating chips, cereal, dust bunnies, and anything else they can get their mouths on.


We caught the 2010 World Cup in HD, on an LED TV. After an experience like that, it’s almost nauseating to watch anything in SD anymore. Having HDMI capabilities for your video games, and HD sports and movies, there’s just too much added utility in the new TV technology to ignore it. So if you haven’t upgraded yet, this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to catch up. You won’t regret it.

Mini-FridgeThe Mini Fridge

AH! The quintessential reminder of days past (college dorm to be exact). The mini fridge is the perfect apparatus to have. And the part that is most fun is figuring out where to put it! Access to refreshingly cool beverages and snacks at arms length of your desk/bed/lounger can’t be beat!

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