Hulu- The BEST Video Streaming Site is Cable TV’s worst nightmare! Hulu is the leading video streaming site with unmatched quality and content. And for the most part… FREE!

You’ve got work, you’ve got class, you’ve got various social obligations, and you might even have a woman who requires your attention from time to time. With the hustle and bustle of all of that, who has time to watch TV anymore? Long gone are the days where you’ve got to organize your schedule around your favorite TV show. The Internet has ALMOST reached its full potential, and we can now watch our favorite shows online, on our time. So when you’re tired of the San Fernando Valley’s finest cinematography online, what is the best way to watch regular network programming on your own time on your computer?

Aside from illegal stream feeds from European TV stations playing American shows and sporting events, is hands down the best TV on the Internet service we have come across at product-boy. Our love affair (it has its ups and downs like any other) with Hulu began when we were searching for a way to watch episodes of the always hilarious “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Through a Google search, we landed onto We haven’t watched network programming on the TV since.

From a utility standpoint, Hulu’s video player and user interface are unmatched. The site flows as smoothly as you’d imagine a nine-figure, venture capital backed, joint project between three major networks to flow.  The site is polished, clean, and incredibly easy to navigate.  TV shows, movies, and other programs are neatly categorized by network, genre, and indexed alphanumerically for quick searching. The imbedding service Hulu provides its users is unmatched as well, and we’d go as far to say that it beats YouTube in that department, allowing you to cue embedded video to begin at any point you wish.

From a content standpoint, the site is robust. Numerous networks offer their programming on Hulu. If you are a fan of network TV, you can pretty much find all current primetime programming available on about a 2-day delay from broadcast. This is great if you’ve got shows you love, but no time to watch them when they air. You also get to avoid prolonged commercials that air during the broadcast, and only have to sit through moderately annoying ads during the duration of the show. Don’t get us wrong; ads are annoying regardless of their creativity, humor, or number of scantily clad sexy women. Ads are the spawn of all that is evil, but it is an evil we obligatorily endure to enjoy free programming.

Hulu- My Name is EarlThat brings us to another point. Hulu is good enough to justify cancelling basic cable (if all you’re currently paying for is basic cable). Hulu also hosts an array of movies, documentaries, and shows from smaller networks that you might otherwise not have access to without a multi-tiered, “premium” package from your local cable provider (NFL Network’s Hard Knock’s is one that I regularly enjoy).

Hulu isn’t without its drawbacks. The flash based site doesn’t work on peripheral devices (imagine the horror when we tried to fire it up on the LCD through the Playstation3 and it didn’t work).Hulu also limits its programming geographically (sorry Europe/Asia). Hulu Plus, their premium service that they charge for, doesn’t provide enough added utility or access to justify payment (You’re better off subscribing to Netflix).

Hulu is, however, the best way to access free programming online, and not get a major headache navigating from mirror site to mirror site to Hungarian mail order bride ads. Hulu is, by leaps and bounds, ahead of the competition.

Browse Hulu, get to know its ecosystem, get to know its library. You’ll find yourself firing it up the next time you’re enjoying a sandwich at your desk or need to kill an hour or two with brain rotting TV.

Here at product boy, we’ve managed to build an HTPC (home theater PC) and hook it up to our 42” Sony Bravia LCD screen, eliminating our needs for a cable subscription.

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