Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy X is what the iPad should have been, and what every tablet hereafter should strive to replicate and improve upon.

Forget the name brand, forget the slight differences in OS or hardware tech, it’s about being usable, having real utility. The folks at Samsung have pulled it off, and we hope other tablet makers follow take heed. One simple utility seemingly lost on Apple? I can hold the Samsung Galaxy in one hand, and guess what I’m doing with the other?

I’m navigating the device as freely as I would a smart phone, because I don’t need to have it on my lap, or any other surface for that matter. It is larger than the average smart phone, with a 7 inch screen, which serves its purpose well, giving me a larger screen to view various internet multimedia in a more advanced environment, and provide more room to be more productive. The end-game of the new tablet craze is to replace the laptop.  The Galaxy, and industry as a whole haven’t gotten there yet, but Samsung is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition so far.

Let me just run this down for you. The thing is running on Android 2.2. It isn’t quite an entire OS replacement, but it sure beats Apple’s flash-less iPad.  You have full access to the Android market (for what it’s worth), and a large array of Samsung apps as well. The Samsung Galaxy is about the same size and dimensions of the Amazon Kindle, and just like the Kindle, it was built for ergonomic comfort. You can handle the thing in one hand, and use the other to browse the web, use applications, or whatever else your heart desires.  People don’t realize what a big deal this is, until you try to handle some of the Galaxy Tab’s competitors and realize you still need ample surface area much like with a laptop, to get anything substantial accomplished.

It’s got both a front facing and traditionally placed back facing camera. Lending it more towards actual utility as a communications and multimedia device.  Battery life is as good as we have seen on tablets.

The tablet sector isn’t quite there yet, justifying the replacement of a laptop, but the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is a step in the right direction. The tablet is an attempted fusion of smart phone and laptop, into a device that makes sense and justifies replacing either one or both of the aforementioned. Don’t get rid of your phones and laptops just yet, but keep an eye out, Samsung is on the right track.

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