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Ever heard the saying, “Quality over quantity”? Well, if you subscribe to that school of thought, you’ve got to have some pretty harsh opinions regarding the app environment for Android.

The Android marketplace is filled to the brim (and continues to grow) with apps that provide entertainment, utility, and sometimes, just some novelty. But through all the fog of a non-regulated app environment, how do you differentiate the gems from the duds?

Apps have revolutionized the cell phone. Heck, we call them “smart” now because they run these little sub-programs, reachable through a neat little graphical icon, providing us with access and the ability to…well…pretty much anything the developer and user community want. So it isn’t any surprise that the major mobile OS operators, including Google, have vast these robust ecosystems for apps.  Android’s marketplace for apps is a bit different than its main competitor, Apple, in that Google doesn’t regulate or screen (and ultimately “approve”) of the apps that make their ways into its market. As such, the Android marketplace is filled with apps that aren’t even worth a once-over, let alone a download.

But don’t worry! Product boy is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of utilitarian must haves, and entertainment and novelty delights for you to download onto your Android device.

Product-Boy’s Must Have Android App List:


Google Voice

This is one of the most useful Android apps out there. Google assigns you a phone number that can be linked to multiple devices, and allows voicemail and SMS access over the web. It is a must have for anyone in sales or consulting, having to call multiple associates/clients all day long. Google Voice is the Android App that allows you to make outgoing calls with your Google Voice number, keeping your mobile number private, and giving you at least some disconnect from your work world and your personal life.


Dropbox Logo Here at product-boy, no Android app is as invaluable as DropBox. The service is simple, but the differentiating factor is that it just works. DropBox is an amazing cloud service that automatically syncs a folder (and all subsequent files) between multiple computers and devices, across the OS trinity (Windows, Mac, Linux). On Android, the DropBox App extends its utility by interacting with Documents to Go to open and view files.

Advanced Task Killer

One of inevitabilities of having a multi-tasking smart phone is memory management. With that, we mean remembering to make sure you actually close/exit out of the various Apps on your Android device when you are through using them. Not that leaving Apps open hinders operability too much, but if the list gets long enough, your battery and your processor will pay the price. That’s where the Anvanced Task Killer Android App comes into play. This quick, clean little app is perfect for quickly disposing of all the unnecessary apps taking up precious memory and battery life.


Amazon Kindle

If you love to read, but just can’t make the time to settle down somewhere and get it done, the Amazon Kindle Android App is the perfect solution. Think about it, your smart phone has basically become an integral part of your person. You can’t leave home without it, which basically means you’ve got it with you at all times. That basically means when you have down time, you can now fill your brain with something substantial, unless you’re in the mood to sling shot some birds at some loosely assembled structures, which brings us to the next app.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds GameOne of the most addictive games you will play on a phone. Period.

Ted Mobile

TED: Ideas worth spreadingIf you are familiar with TED (Technology Entertainment and Design), this Android App needs no introduction. If you aren’t, let me just give you the gist of both TED and the app itself. Imagine the best and brightest on the entire planet across the entire spectrum of science, design, humanities, arts, etc…and lecturing EACH OTHER. Enough said. Get TED, get smart dude.

For a complete list of Android Apps, visit the Android App Market

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