Playing Mp3’s isn’t a Fashion Statement

There is no such thing as an Apple ipod. There is no such thing as a Microsoft Zune. There is no such thing as a Sony Walkman.

These are all marketing titles put onto mp3 players meant to get you to spend more money on a simple machine that can read a file type and play it back to you through a set of headphones!

If you’re truly under the impression that you need a constant stream of music into your brain throughout the entire course of your work/school/sitting at home doing nothing day, then by all means devote an entire extra device, a few hundred bucks, and get one of the aforementioned products to distract you even more from doing anything substantial with your brain power and money.

The Apple ipod Shuffle, are you kidding me with this thing? I don’t know about you, but I usually want to be able to pick and choose the music I’m listening to depending on my mood and current activity. People usually have a wide breadth of musical interest, and usually don’t feel in the mood to listen to a completely random selection from their ENTIRE library. It’s kind of counter-productive if Mozart pops up in the middle of my work-out or Avenged Sevenfold while I’m reading.

So what about these hyper-glossy, multi-functional, wi-fi enabled devices like the Apple ipod touch, the Microsoft Zune, or the Sony Walkman? I just don’t see any real utility in paying hundreds of dollars, and having to carry around YET ANOTHER device (counting laptop and smartphone) just for the utility of listening to music!

Here’s the gist of it. If I’m in the mood to really utilize the most convenient and effective way to listen to music throughout the day, I’m going to use the music playback feature on my smartphone. Certainly these things have been designed for that purpose. I don’t need to see album cover art; I don’t need to have a God awful navigation menu (I’m looking at YOU Zune!). I just need ready access to my music, one or two pushes of a button away, so I can get on with my life.

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