Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Review

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect is by far the best interactive device creating an incredible virtual experience.

Ah video games; the refuge of serenity and pleasurable focus for so many of us. I have been playing video games on various consoles for as far back as I can remember.  There is something special about a game that captures your imagination and interest, and allows you to live vicariously through the adventures and tribulations of the characters you control. My video game nostalgia aside, gaming technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and it seems as though console companies are really banking on the “physical interactivity” niche for gamers. The Nintendo Wii paved the way, and then Sony chimed in with their PlayStation Move devices. Now, it seems, the last of the console heavyweights, Microsoft, is joining the action with their release of the Kinect for Xbox 360.

Let me start by saying that “interactive” hit the apex for me personally with Nintendo’s Duck Hunter. When I recall the sheer jubilation that game provided me as a child, I have a hard time comparing it to anything in recent memory. That said, the Wii, and the PS Move basically uses the same technology at a foundational level. I don’t know about the exact tech specs, but still works basically like a remote control, with a peripheral device in your hand, and a receiver on or near the TV.

Here is where the Microsoft Xbox 360  Kinect takes it one step further. The Kinect casts an infrared blanket beam (my own terminology) onto the entire room, and then detects motion! It is pretty freakin cool. Of all three “physically interactive” devices for the various consoles, I think the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect takes the cake for technology.

The Kinect only works with Kinect compatible games (meaning you can forget about any backwards compatibility with older games).

I have this question to raise then…the most popular titles in recent memory have all been first-person shooters. From the Call of Duty franchise to Halo, the most popular genre and highest selling titles are FPS’s. How then, will the Kinect handle FPS games? Will it handle them at all? I’d be giddy to see yet another peripheral weapon device here, but only time will tell.

If you are into the whole “physically interactive” gaming genre, and don’t mind breaking a sweat while playing video games (WHICH I DO), then you’ll love the Kinect. It’s running amazing technology, and creates a completely stand-alone virtual experience.

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