Kodak All-In-One Printer Review

New line of Kodak All-In-One printers are holiday must HAVE NOTS!

Kodak broke the inkjet printer trend of $40 ink cartridges and started boasting their cheap $9 ink cartridges. Sounds like a good deal, right? WRONG! Kodak’s line of All-In-One printers are comparable to junk!

First off, All-In-One consumer Kodak printers have a FATAL flaw in their printhead. This is the most noted problem with these printers. Just in case you’re wondering, the printhead is the container you place the ink cartridges into (take a look at the image).


We had spent coatless hours on the phone with Kodak tech-support in the past 3 months to resolve the issue. They replaced the printhead THREE times! Finally, we got them to send us a new printer which had the same problem!!

Our printhead problems started with the ESP 5250 All-in-One Printer and continued once we received the ESP 9250 All-in-One Printer as a replacement.

Unfortunately for Kodak, our problems didn’t end there. If left on idle or sleep mode, the ESP 9 printer turns on in the middle of the night and starts making all sorts of noise. Various people have reported this problem as well, but who knows, we probably got two busted printers. Whatever the case may be, BUYER BEWARE!

As far as the ink cartridges are concerned, they empty out so quickly and need replacement so often that it comes out to be the same cost as buying a regular printer with $40 ink cartridges.  Also, the colors aren’t nearly as vibrant as the competition’s printers. Even black prints look bland.

Overall, we’re disappointed in Kodak’s quality of consumer printers.

Here’s a list of Kodak printers we have experience with:

ESP 9250 All-in-One Printer

ESP 7250 All-in-One Printer

ESP Office 6150 All-in-One Printer

ESP 5250 All-in-One Printer

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  1. Johnson Chvilicek says:

    will not purshase..sticking with epson

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