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Apple released the iPad with some rather curious shortcomings.

Early adopters and basic consumers alike were giddy when apple announced the iPad, an overgrown iPod touch (sans camera*), that was touted by the marketing gurus at Cupertino and Madison Ave. as “revolutionary”. The fact of the matter is, the device is far from revolutionary (functionality wise), and at the price point it is being slanged to the public ($499), it is a downright rip-off.

Let’s begin by examining the utilities in owning and operating an ipad. The fact of the matter is, the utility is minimal if you are thinking of using this device for work (the ergonomics of the virtual keyboard alone mitigate any chance of getting substantial amounts of work done). Use it as a communications device? Maybe, if your communicating is essentially limited to email (which your smartphone or laptop already serves pretty well). Use it for entertainment? Ok, here is the moment I just smiled and sighed in disappointment and put the device down…I visited nba.com on the iPad, and surprise surprise, Apple’s ongoing feud with Adobe showed its ugly head, and “device incompatible with flash” errors ended any and all hope I had for the iPad.

At least the thing is aesthetically stunning. And to be fair, Apple has always delivered hardware design that has been unmatched by its competitors (and acts as a major marketing advantage). Believe it or not, the not so tech savvy demographic doesn’t mind being oblivious to paying an average hardware markup of about 30% to justify having such a shiny pretty product.

Why you shouldn't purchase a mac.

And at the end of the day, the Apple iPad is simply that; a shiny, pretty device marketed ingeniously to a consuming public unaware of alternatives or even reasons they need the damn thing. It’ll end up being an oversized hand held video game device; because the most productive/entertaining/utilitarian thing I could do with it was play a game of Angry Birds…

*Technology companies, particularly Apple, like to employ a philosophy which I have so ominously coined as “technology trickle”. Why doesn’t the iPad have a camera? Why doesn’t it include the hardware and software features that everyone knows exist in the tech ecosystem? The reason is, these companies trickle these “features” out in different versions of their products, squeezing every possible penny they can out of it.

As an informed, product-boy.com  consumer, demand that if something is being touted as “revolutionary” , that it have all of the pre-requisite technology required to be considered as such. As simplistic as it might sound, I would applaud the following dialogue with a “genius”:

Product-boy: Revolutionary huh? Where’s the camera?

Apple Employee: The iPad is a hybrid, multi-functional, internet communications device with the most advanced touch screen…blah f#$@!@# blah.

Product-boy: No Camera? It’s 10 years behind device technology dude, I’d rather spend the 500 bucks elsewhere!


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  1. Nick says:

    Yeah i agree the ipad is pretty much useless!

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