Droid Pro Review

The Android mobile operating platform and the Droid Pro.

Android has certainly conquered more market share in the mobile device arena than anyone expected it to. Competing against longtime industry heavyweights like RIM and Windows (let’s face it, Microsoft’s mobile OS’s pretty much MADE palm before they plummeted into oblivion), and the legions of loyal iPhone consumers, Android crept into the game as an open-source OS, spread eagle for developers and hardware OEM’s.

It crept onto the scene, and less than three years later, it has devoured market share and created user delight at levels nobody could have ever predicted. It also created a very humorous and unique dynamic for its users and fans alike.

Now Android is going up against the big boys directly. What I mean by that is when it initially came into the market, Google followed Microsoft’s licensing model (albeit without fees) to get its OS onto as many devices as fast as possible. Gobble up the market share, create a gigantic user base and following, and then start REALLY competing.

Which one are you?

Really competing with the iPhone? Check out the Droid X, which I consider a viable competitor/alternative to even Apple’s iPad!

One of the louder criticisms of Android seemed to be coming from the professional world. The business world, the utilitarian smartphone users who actually use their devices for daily productivity, they send and receive substantial amounts of email, share documents, communicate at a hectic pace, and require both the operational and ergonomic features to do so.

The Motorola Droid Pro seems to be aimed directly at this large demographic of professionals. Aesthetically, it looks strikingly similar to many BlackBerry devices, with its large screen and QWERTY tactile keyboard. It does, however, one up Blackberry in the sense of utility, with its touchscreen. Comparable to the Torch (which has a slide out keyboard, a bit convoluted if you ask us), the Motorola Droid Pro screams business simplicity (at least aesthetically).

Functionality wise, the Droid Pro is on par with its Android kin, and in one word, is a beast . The thing flies. With the 2.2 Android OS running as smoothly as I’ve seen it on a stock/non-overclocked device, the Droid Pro delivers the seamless processing power Android users have become accustomed to.

Does it stack up as a viable business device? That’s yet to be seen. Many Blackberry users are sitting idly by waiting for RIM to do something groundbreaking, while Rim’s philosophy of “if it aint broke don’t fix it” keeps them looking over the fence at all of these shiny, blazing fast devices.

The verdict will lie with how Android can handle the business productivity sector of their OS. Motorola pleases the eyes with the Droid Pro, and the Android OS certainly pleases the soul, and dare I say, it might justify the YUPPIES of the world to migrate over to Android, even if it’s just so they can play with the cool kids.


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  1. Arshavil says:

    It’s so obvious they are trying to make it look like a BB. I like the uniformity of the BB OS, Android is way too jumbled and mixed up.

    When my contract is up for renewal though, I am definitely going to shop around.

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