Failing Patent System Destroys Chances of Revolutionary Stem Cell Drug from Reaching Market

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with a patent attorney specializing in biopharmaceutical patent acquisition and management who disclosed very disheartening news. After an in-depth conversation regarding the pharmaceutical industry and the manner in which new medications and therapies are brought to market, it was revealed that there exist a myriad of treatments shown [...]


Re-Approaching Drug Education: Curriculum Rooted in Reality

By Genevieve Shifke | January 5, 2012 What happens when all those horrible things we learned about in health class don’t happen? Or what if, heaven forbid, we like doing these horrible drugs? Most of the people in our generation have grown up with anti-drug propaganda campaigns, most notably D.A.R.E. and Above the Influence. While [...]


Staying Plugged In: Why Turning My Cell Phone Off Is So Hard

By Genevieve Shifke | December 28, 2012 I just can’t, though. I know I have a problem, and I want to stop. But I also don’t—what if I’m needed? Even if no one is contacting me, it still sits there. It’s the “what if” that gets me. What if someone needs to get ahold of [...]


Media Emphasis on Violence Trumps Issues of Mental Health

By Genevieve Shifke | December 21, 2012 Those 27 victims, however, are merely the nameless, faceless bodies that comprise the statistic of “second most deadly shooting since Virginia Tech.” It’s all about the shock factor: it’s about the spectacle, not the individual stories. Not only school shooters, but mass producers of violence in general. The [...]


Killing You Not-So-Softly: Stress.

By Haley Melikian | December 17, 2012 Everyone I know, myself included, is hyper-conscious of their stress level at all times. When I'm stressed out, I can't help but think about how stressed out I am. It's completely overwhelming which reduces productivity which, in turn, makes me feel more stressed. Aside from the physical effects [...]


Calibrating our Moral Compass: Biology vs. Dogma

By Genevieve Shifke | December 15, 2012 Are humans born with an innate sense of morality, or is it a learned habit based upon the environment in which each person is raised? A classic case of nature vs. nurture but with a twist: examining the prevalence of God, or lack thereof, in both sides. Most [...]

Hayden Panettiere Has Gone Country

Hayden Panettiere quite possibly became the coolest high school cheerleader ever when she played one that had superpowers in the show “Heroes”. Fast forward through a few not so successful forays into feature films, including the cringe worthy “I love you Beth Cooper”, and Hayden has found herself in the spotlight again. Hayden Panettiere stars [...]

Jessica Biel is Off the Market

If you’re an 80’s baby, growing up in the United States, chances are you were introduced to Jessica Biel when she was a member of the Camden family on 7th Heaven. Maybe back then before she had grown into her sexuality and her curves, you were intrigued by the basketball playing, pious young lady who [...]

Modern Family Actress Sofia Vergara Rakes in the Dough

According to Forbes Magazine, the Modern Family main attraction, Sofia Vergara, has topped the charts as the highest paid actress on TV. For some reason, we don’t think anyone is complaining. Modern Family didn't exactly revolutionize the sit-com landscape. The way the show is shot and presented, as a sort of scripted documentary, much like “The Office”, [...]

Emma Watson, The REAL Reason You’re Watching Harry Potter

Call her cute, call her sexy, call her timeless, call her an intellectual, call her what you like, Emma Watson is the hottest thing out of England since…well…ever. She’s starring in blockbuster films that have had almost a decade long run, studying at an Ivy League school, and is prim and proper enough to have [...]

The Case for Solar Energy; Morlocks Vs. Eloi.

American energy independence fuels the diatribes of political candidates, scientists, and network talking heads alike.  One of the most polarizing topics for American energy independence, and the US’s reliance on foreign oil imports, is the viability of alternative technologies at a level large enough to maintain the current energy consumption rates, while allowing room for [...]

Apple’s IPHONE 5 – Obsolete Out of The Box.

As of 2011, according to an Apple press release, there were over 73 million iPhones sold throughout the world, with slightly less than 7 million of them active in the United States alone. Combined with the highly successful iPad, iPod and computer sales, its no wonder apple’s stock opened on June 22nd 2012, at 579.04. [...]


Our Lost Generation

That is one of our species’ largest simultaneous advantages and faults. One of the best ways to understand if our conditions are better or worse than past generations is to see just how different we’ve become. What parts of our daily lives have become so mechanical, so routine, that we would never even know it [...]

Sports Illustrated Releases its 2012 Swimsuit Issue…Two Volumes This Year!

Every year, the talented photographers and editors over at Sports Illustrated decide to forego covering sports, and remind everyone why we play sports in the first place…for the chicks, man. Landing the cover has launched or propelled the careers of countless models, singers, and starlets. Turned unknown Russian chicks into household names, and turned wearing [...]

Emma Stone – The Ultimate Ginger

You either have a thing for red heads, or you don’t. If you do, Emma Stone just might be the flavor of the past year. Emma Stone has had a tremendous year thus far. Starring in movies, and solidifying her “cool chick, girl next door” image, she certainly justifies all of the attention she has [...]

From Fiction and Folklore to Modern Day Fruition

Science fiction is often touted as the “stuff of wonder”, with subject matter that seemingly has no logical place in the real world. Folklore from various cultures is also widely considered to be the stuff of superstition and creative human story telling. In hindsight, however, the real stuff of wonder is how these seemingly impossible [...]

Failing Patent System Destroys Chances of Revolutionary Stem Cell Drugs from Reaching Market

Occupy Wall Street, and the Straw Man Who Worked Hard For His Money

There is a disconnect between the institutions, both public and private, and the people of the United States. Every argument ever made against capitalism, from Marx to your next door neighbor, seems to have come to fruition in the last few years. The banking and corporate leviathans have embedded themselves into our democratic government processes, [...]


Every Generation Thinks It’s the Last; Could We Also Be the Dumbest?

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge” – Issac Asimov When, and more importantly, how, did this happen? It’s an understatement to say that we are living in the [...]